Saturday, April 21, 2012

You've Got to Get This Blue

Hi everyone!
Last night as I was organizing my stash I picked up a shade of blue that I purchased a couple of years ago that I absolutely Love. So I did my nails and was so excited to take pictures to post for you all to see :) Have a great night.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Merino Cool by Essie

I really loved this shade although it looks a lot more purplish in the photo. 

Brazilian Favorite

This is the most popular nail polish in Brazil among the ladies. It's called Renda by Risqué. I personally love it too since I'm a Brazilian myself :)
It looks great alone, paired with another or used as a base for French nails. I think it is very elegant and sophisticated for any season.

Found My Pink

I am the type of woman that doesn't normally wear anything pink, but for the sake of me I came across Terra Mauve from Orly and decided to give it a try. Outcome: I loved it! I will definitely be wearing this color more often during the summer. It looks good with my olive skin tone and I was flattered when I finished my manicure.